Procurement of
Precision Tooling

About JJ-Tooling

Use my years of experience as reliable source
to improve your procuctivity

My name is Jürgen Jaeschke,
numerous national and international customers are using my potential as independent entrepreneur at the procurement and search of precicion tooling since the establishment of my company in the year 2002.

They are contended customers, because the number of customers grows permanently.

Over 30 years I had the occasion in the sales departments of well-known manufacturers of cutting- and clamping tools, to appropriate the needed experience. Therefore connections to small and medium manufacturers of such parts are originated.. They are able, even at special productions to realise astonishing matters.

Use me as reliable source, also at difficulty items to get, too.

Juergen Jaeschke - JJ-Tooling
Tools, custom made

Tools requested, found, delivered

The cooperation with me is simple and uncomplicated:
Step 1: With your inquiry you describe the machining problem with the technical requirement.
Step 2: Within a short time you will get from me an offer or a proposal with exact price and delivery.
Step 3: Procurement of tool and quick delivery.